The High Cost of Celebrity Healthcare

Unfortunately, the vicious cycle of celebrity prescription drug abuse has captivated the media for decades.  As I note in a piece that ran in the Daily Journal – “The High Cost of Celebrity Healthcare” – far too many stars have died from drug overdoses and it appears there’s no end in sight.  One such celebrity, Anna Nicole Smith, had her life turned upside down after the nearly simultaneous death of her son, Daniel and birth of her daughter, Dannielynn. During this time of mourning, Smith turned to her rehabilitation ‘care team’ which included Drs. Khristine Eroshevich and Sandeep Kapoor and lawyer-lover Howard K. Stern.

In her fragile emotional state and with help from the trio, Anna Nicole became dependent on several prescription medications to allegedly treat anxiety, depression and physical pain. After a trial lasting nearly two months, a jury dismissed charges against Kapoor but convicted Stern and Eroshevich on several felony counts; Eroshevich for obtaining medication through fraud and Stern for conspiracy – aiding and abetting.

This is only the first step to make those who irresponsibly dispense medication pay for their careless actions.  There’s still more to come in this saga when sentencing for Eroshevich and Stern takes place in January.  To see my full article please click here.

One thought on “The High Cost of Celebrity Healthcare

  1. Sadly, this abuse isn’t only among celebrities and their doctors. There is just too much money involved with pharmaceuticals and those who administer them. Sorry to sound cynical…

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