Bankruptcy Courts to Show Restraint

Yesterday, legal expert Todd J. Zywicki discussed the 9th Circuit’s recent decision in the Anna Nicole Smith case at the Ritz-Carlton in San Francisco, California.  Following is a brief synopsis of the event entitled “True Hollywood Scandals, Part II.”

A 9th Circuit ruling in favor of Anna Nicole Smith would have opened the floodgates for forum shopping, a topic explored by me at length.  As a result, a win could have created dangerous precedent impacting all estate planning in this country.  It was further discussed how it is of paramount importance for bankruptcy judges to show restraint.  There is a time and place for bankruptcy court, but a dispute between the Marshall family and Anna Nicole’s legal team hardly justifies clogging our court system.

6 thoughts on “Bankruptcy Courts to Show Restraint

  1. I am so glad that the courts ruled in the manner that they did….Ms.Brenman, you were quite correct highlighting the dangerous precedents of “forum shopping”.

  2. I understand the temptation for bankruptcy judges to want the spotlight- after all, how would you like to play second fiddle to specticals like the OJ trial. That said, it’s important that they resist that temptation- they are in the world of public service- not entertainment. (and, you know, if they really feel the need for the limelight, be patient, another GM will be along any day now).

  3. Is it true that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has denied the motion the rehearing en banc?


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