Dr. Sandeep Kapoor: Let the Claims Begin

Defendant doctor Sandeep Kapoor’s attorney requested a judge drop the charge of co-conspiring with defendants Howard K. Stern and Dr. Khristine Eroshevich to ply the late Anna Nicole Smith (ANS) with an abundance of deadly pharmaceuticals.  Kapoor claims he was prescribing pills to ANS before he met Eroshevich and that he later refused to sign a prescription list Eroshevich handed him.  He purportedly used a pseudonym for ANS’ prescriptions, but claims this act of “protection” should not constitute the charge of obtaining drugs by “fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”  Should the judge grant his request Kapoor still faces other charges, such as prescribing, administering, or, dispensing a controlled substance to an addict.  The trial is slated to begin Wednesday, August 4.

4 thoughts on “Dr. Sandeep Kapoor: Let the Claims Begin

  1. I can’t say that I’m really all that suprised that, in the trial relating to the death of someone so well know for her frivolous lawsuits, we’re now seeing frivilous motions! While I can’t say with any certaintly what-so-ever whether this allegation is true or not, this exact factual matter is why we have trials. if anything, he should have filed a motion to sever himself from the other plaintiffs.

  2. Something has to be done to make it harder for these celebrities and their sycophants to get their hands on and abuse prescription drugs. Hopefully when Kapoor, Stern and the other doctors in the Anna Nicole Smith trial are found guilty, it will be the wake up call these people need!

  3. The public is beginning to fully understand the scope of doctors having
    a criminal mind…many remind me as being no better than the street corner

  4. Doctors are like gods and should be held to a higher standard of behaviour. My question is was Kapoor sexually raping ANS while she was drugged??? I believe he acted criminally in addition to falling below ethical behaviour.

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